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SO I haven’t gotten around to posting (even though I wanted to put up some of the nice words said about the Namor Annual).   It struck me that this might make it seem like I have less going on – though it’s actually the opposite.

Some BIG NEWS (for me, anyways) will be coming out in the next few weeks.

In the meantime – I’m working on that, a commissioned project (that probably won’t be available to the public), two spec (film) scripts, teaching myself how to letter comics for an independent submission, and performing comedy again.

I’ll post the relevant and interesting stuff as it comes up.  In the meantime, I wanted to thank any and all the people who have popped by.

Please feel free to LEAVE COMMENTS!  Some have started to, but I’d love to know what brought you, and what were you hoping to find here?  — I’d be happy to put more of whatever that would be up on the site.

A sneak preview page from an independent comic I'll be pitching out in a few weeks. Art by REMUS BREZEANU

<—  In The Meantime

Check out handsome art for a comic I co-created with my buddy Jim Festante.  The art is by the awesome (and German!) illustrator Remus Brezeanu.


More Online Distractions!

— Check out the aforementioned Jim Festante hosting THE GAME SHOW (video games) on TheStream.TV

— Dig Remus’ art for web comic SOCIALFIST! – a riff on Socialist Superheroes 😀  I recommend starting at the link.

— And 180 degrees away from those things – the fantastic APPLE SISTERS (a modern WWII girl group) has a comedy podcast on Earwolf that’s already getting great traction.  I love them.  You should give it a try.


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Steve Rogers Super Soldier Annual #1

Steve Rogers Super Soldier Annual #1 : part 2 of "Escape From the Negative Zone"

If you’ve thought of reading any of my comics – I seriously recommend “Escape from the Negative Zone!” The crazy-fun smash-up with gorgeous art continues this month in STEVE ROGERS: SUPER SOLDIER ANNUAL #1 – out now!

STEVE ROGERS! (Captain America) X-MEN! NAMOR! Steve Rogers goes on an interdimensional rescue mission after the X-Men find themselves imprisoned by Blastaar! But the Negative Zone alien isn’t the biggest problem that the #1 Avenger and the X-Men are going to face. The most visually spectacular Marvel story in years is not to be missed! This issue, IBRAIM ROBERSON (X-MEN: SECOND COMING) joins writer JAMES ASMUS for the latest chapter of this blockbuster.  Part 2 (of 3)


Page 1Page 2Page 4

*** *** *** *** *** ***And while you’re at your local comic shop

Pick up Part 1, Uncanny X-Men Annual #3! (with amazing art by Nicholas Bradshaw)

Ask them to reserve you a copy of Part 3, Namor Annual #1! (explosively illustrated by Max Fiumara)

And finally, if you take a minute to browse around, I’d recommend you check out some other great new comics by great people:

Axe Cop

Axe Cop! written by a 6 year old, drawn by his 30 year old brother

Batgirl - recommended for fans of Buffy... and Smallville

Madman - beautiful, kinetic, and warm-hearted - my #1 favorite

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Hey kids,

A lot of folks lately have asked me for recommendations of comics.  I’ll throw some up here occasionally that I think you should check out.  I should mention – these aren’t comics’ “greatest hits”.   These will all be books that I think are really worthwhie – and ones that DON’T require you to ‘know’ comics.   So while there may be more ‘famous’ stories out there – these ones will actually make sense to a new reader.

MARVEL  – (Obviously, this first entry will be about my employer.)

NEXTWAVE – One of my favorite Marvel comics of all time.  These are bat-shit crazy & completely awesome!  Only 12 issues came out, so it’s really easy to read & collect.  Essentially – B&C-List characters find out that their secret anti-terrorist team is actually run by terrorists.   Terrorists who use weapons like Robot Stephen Hawkings with Laser Eyes.  Warren Ellis’ scripts are insanely energized, and Stuart Immonen’s art is near-flawless.


RUNAWAYS. They also have a f*cking dinosaur.

RUNAWAYS – The first few collections are available pretty cheap – and I can’t recommend them highly enough.   This comic is brilliantly accessible and relate-able for ‘non-comic’ people.  Essentially, a group of kids find out that their parents are a cabal of super-villains – and then things get really weird.   This series is written (by Brian K Vaughan) with a tremendous amount of humor and humanity without all that weird stuff like spandex and codenames.   Seriously, if you’re interested in superhero comics at all – read the first three volumes.

ASTONISHING X-MEN – This is more well known than it is ‘definitive’ for comic fans.  But this 25 issue run by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and John Cassaday (the wonderful comic Planetary) gives you a heaping helping of action, character, and – most importantly – is REALLY EASY TO READ.   That’s no easy feat for X-Men comics (or any title that has 50+ years of history).   This run is filled with joy, thought, and craftsmanship.  And punching.  Lots of punching.


PUNISHER MAX – If you can’t get into superheroes, but love crime & violence – this is your book.  It’s got a wickedly dark sense of humor.  It takes place in a different ‘world’ than the other Marvel comics.  So there are no capes.  Just guns.  –  The title has run for a while, but you should basically be able to pick up any collection and the story will make sense.

IRON MAN: EXTREMIS – This storyline essentially reworked Iron Man in a way that brings you from his origin and into a very intriguing exploration of the very idea behind the hero.  Plus, the art is beautifully (and fairly realistically) rendered by Adi Granov.  This is intelligent, thematic stuff that still has nice character work & great action.

I’m sure there’s more.  But it’s late.  And I’m tired.

Happy reading!

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Wolverine & Nightcrawler listen to TAL from my story with Mike Allred in Nation X #1

A fusion of so many things I love.

When I wrote my script for last fall’s X-Men anthology NATION X, the conceit was watching two of my favorite mutants on a road trip: Wolverine & Nightcrawler.

When it came to depicting the feel of a great trek like that, I peppered in some things that make me love the long highways: roadside oddities, deeply candid conversations, and something great to listen to.  So I went with THIS AMERICAN LIFE.

Just thinking about the show (a series of rich audio documentaries and essays) provokes a very specific emotional response for me.   It seemed like a perfect short-hand.

Plus – I’m always happy to offer a shout-out to something I love, in hopes that a couple more people will turn on its wonderfulness.

But to my thrill, I ended up hearing from the staff of the show (who were equally psyched to have such a cool fan…in Wolverine).

All of that leads us to this.   This American Life collaborated with Marvel to print up a limited edition poster of the panel – available through the show’s website.

I practically $#!+ my pants.

The only thing that could make this team-up any better (for my money, at least)  is the fact that the story’s art was done by the fantastic MIKE ALLRED.  I’ve said it before – but it was a dream come true to have him illustrate one of my scripts.  He has been my #1 favorite comic artist (and a great writer, too) since I first read the Dark Horse run of his most famous creation, MADMAN.*

There are only 2,000 copies of this poster available.  I know that may sound like a lot – but not when you consider how awesome the mash-up of elements vs. how many people like awesomeness.

So do yourself (or a nerd you love) a favor and pick it up while you can.  If you’re on the fence, TAL made a handy Venn Diagram to get you off …the fence.


A Venn Diagram of who would kill for this poster

A handy Venn Diagram of this poster's target audience...and of my psyche

*Seriously – if you haven’t read it, go buy a copy now. Though the first mini-series is great, the tone really shifted afterward.   So I recommend starting with either the second 3-part story originally published through Tundra, or his initial Dark Horse run.  Both have been re-collected in trades that are still available.

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HEY!  If you haven’t been hipped to this yet, check out this art site that lets all sorts of artists (and, shall we say…aspiring artists) rework, re-imagine, and remix comic book covers.   It’s called COVERED, and for those of you who are artistically inclined, it’s an open submission!   Super cool! Pun intended!

SELFISHLY – if anyone is considering a project for COVERED, might I ask you to consider the cover to my forthcoming issue of Deadpool Team-Up #890 ?(!)   In addition to ‘our hero’, it includes Machine Man (Nextwave!) and Puppet Master.  Surely, that’s a lot to work with.

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