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NEW SERIES (for me): THIS WEDNESDAY (9/5) sees the release of my first issue of THIEF OF THIEVES with Robert Kirkman (creator/writer Walking Dead, Invincible), Shawn Martinbrough (penciler Detective Comics), & Felix Serrano (colorist Generation X).

I’m deliriously proud to be a part of this awesome book from Image Comics / Skybound (and to be taking over this arc after the first by the bad-ass Nick Spencer) – and I think this issue is one of the strongest comics I’ve written!

The first collected volume (issues #1-7 scripted by Nick Spencer) will be available Wed in your comic shops –  or you can order it from Amazon HERE.  I genuinely recommend the book if you like cool, smart crime character pieces.

SIGNING IN ANAHEIM w/ CLAY MANN! – ALSO this Wed, I’ll be signing comics (or whatever you want, really) at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim.  GAMBIT artist extraordinaire, Clay Mann, will be there too!  This is a very rare west-coast appearance by Clay – so you should make your way over (or get someone to come by on your behalf).  He’s even taking commissions for a few sketches if you can beat the cut-off HERE.

GAMBIT issues #1 AND #2 are OUT NOW.  If you haven’t picked them up yet, come by (or send a Southern California friend) and get a signed copy of the sexy cool goodness we’re cooking up 🙂

And while we’re at it, here’s some preview art from issue #3 – out 9/12!!


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Hi!!   I won’t prattle on – because I’ve been doing it TONS elsewhere!  So, instead, here’s a round up of places I’ve talked and what else you might find there…

Cover for GENERATION HOPE #15 -------------by Jorge Molina----------- in stores January 2012

All things X-MEN (including bits about Generation Hope) in the near future:

A round up of the X-Men: Regenesis panel discussion at NewYorkComicCon.  (feat. Kieron Gillen, Jason Aaron, Peter David, and basically EVERYONE…)  >> though, note my disclaimer comment after the article.

Hardcore X-Men fans ask me questions about Generation Hope:

ComicBookResources’ weekly X-Position feature.  My first appearance!  (Hope it’s not the last…)

I hang out with comedians and creators as we shoot the comic book $#!+:

Comic Book Club Live! in NYC.  Other guests are Jason Hurley & Jeremy Haun, creators of THE BEAUTY (Top Cow Pilot Season).  It’s a GREAT, ORIGINAL crime story!  (You should buy it.)

  • More chats will roll in VERY SOON. (And those will have a bit more CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY discussion.)
  • Thanks to everyone who came up and chatted at NYCC or those who have hit me up on TWITTER!  I genuinely love to hear from you guys.
  • ASTONISHING X-MEN #43 comes out WEDNESDAY (10/26!!)!  It’s a self-contained done-in-one story that I really, really like.  Preview pages below. You should buy it from your LOCAL COMIC SHOP!

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SAN DIEGO COMIC CONIt’s that time of year again!  The biggest comics (and movies, and games, and toys, and television, and merch, and art…) convention in the US, San Diego Comic Con. (If you don’t want my thoughts on the matter, you can skip down to the ‘Business Time’ bit.)  But, I think I now preferr to call it NERDI GRAS as someone brilliantly titled one sub-event.

I used to live in New Orleans, I can’t tell you how accurate that parallel is.  A million out-of-towners descend on a small city and wreak havoc, run up huge bar tabs, dress up in all kinds of crazy costumes, while strangers try to give everyone a bunch of trinkets, ephemera, and promotional items that 90% of people will throw out within a month.  IT’S GREAT!

I’m tempted to say the only major difference is there is less debauchery and nudity at Comic Con, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m just not going to the right events and after-parties.

In the words of Flight of the Conchords, ‘It’s Business Time’

If you’re looking for me at Comic Con, I only guarantee one appearance – I’ll be SIGNING AT MARVEL’S BOOTH on THURS 7/21 from 6-7pm & SAT 7/23 from 5-6PM.   Please come by and say hello and get something signed!  Other than that, I’ll be seeing panels for my own entertainment & edification, shopping, and stalking Alan Davis & Mike Allred.

I’ll also be glad-handing a few editors to try and find a home for the new project I teased in the last post.  The book’s working title is THE LIFE & END TIMES of BRAHM & BEN, a collaboration with friend & writer JIM FESTANTE and fantastic (German!) artist named REMUS BREZEANU.  Among other developments, I’ve reformatted the first few pages into something I’m really tickled with:

I have loved those fire, brimstone, and damnation mini comics that conservative evangelicals hand out.*  (CHICK Tracts, if you’re not familiar.)  I have wanted to re-purpose their aesthetic for a long time, and this is the perfect project to do it.  Now, this project was/is designed as a standard comic.  But 85% of our first 7 pages fit pretty perfectly into this format, so I thought it’s worth trying to catch attention.   If nothing else, I know my editor Jordan White will get a kick out it.  He’s had his own fascination w/ them.

But if you’re going – let me know!  TWITTER ME any fun stuff or good meet-up opportunities.  And I hope you all have a safe, fun, and sexxxy NERDI GRAS.

*  *  *  *  *

*To clarify, this is not intended as a mockery of Christianity.  Just of these absolutely terrifying comics that people hand to young, unsuspecting children at parades.  (As was my introduction at around 7 years old.) To be fair, I was raised Catholic (which they equate with Masonry and devil worship).

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Not the (only) reason I go to conventions.

Wow!  I didn’t go to C2E2 last year – but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going as often as possible!

It was an absolutely wonderful convention experience with great people all around.  I had the pleasure of running into my long-time Chicago friends from theater & comedy, as well as great creators from all around the country.

I’ll post some links soon to a few interviews I did while in town.  I’ll also post a few other things about the great responses we’ve gotten on the UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL.  (THANK YOU!, by the way.)

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out these people before – DO IT NOW.  These are not only great people, but they’re doing truly fantastic work in comics.  Cheers.

CHRIS BURNHAM ! – Just announced at C2E2 as EXCLUSIVE to DC Comics! Though, it sounds like he’ll still be able to do creator-owned work like his brilliantly ultra-violent stuff with Joe Casey at Image (like Officer Downe which is available on the ComiX app)

TIM SEELEY – You shouldn’t need me to tell you, but Tim has been an awsome source of rock n’ roll spirit in comics for years with his smartly titilating Hack Slash.  And if you’re a fan of super-heroic madness, GET his miniseries (or trade) of Ant Man & The Wasp recent, from Marvel.

MIKE NORTON – This guy is a straight-up ace at comics art.  You’ve probably already seen his art on Gravity, Green Arrow/Black Canary, or the amazing Queen & Country. But now he’s got something really cool cooking all his own with FOUR STAR STUDIOS.  <<< KEEP AN EYE ON IT.

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Happy New Year, theoretical reader!

If you like video games, basic cable, and/or pithy comments – check out me & several other talking heads giving the Best Week Ever treatment to the forthcoming BioWare epic Mass Effect 2!  The special will air on SyFy channel several times through the month.  I’m there as a writer, but other guests include Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) and rapper The Game.  Hear that?  That’s the sound of blipping on a a very small radar…

The dates and times that Sci vs Fi: Mass Effect 2 airs:
01/19/2010 – 11:00 PM

01/20/2010 – 04:00 PM

01/21/2010 – 5:30 AM
01/22/2010 – 08:00 AM
01/24/2010 – 01:00 AM
01/25/2010 – 01:00 AM
01/26/2010 – 03:30 PM

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