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Now that we don’t live in the same city as eachother, Hey You Millionaires finally has a website! AND we’ve got a Twitter (if you’re into that sort of thing).
It’s not ghetto-@$$ tublr account, either.

HYM is my (award-winning) sketch comedy trio from Chicago with fellow ex-Clevelanders Jim Fath & John Bohan. The stuff’s good. So check it out.

**I should make the disclaimer up front that our comedy veers toward the dark end pretty often. So you know – NSFW, kids. **


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What will this ammount to?

We’ll see.  But no promises.  I’m pretty bad at keeping on top of anything without some very real deadlines.  AND I’m not exactly cer who my target audience is here, anyways.  I think, mostly, I’m trying to corrale the very disperate things I’m working on into a single catalogue without paying for a website.

That’s probably something of an insight right there.



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