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(I tried to talk about different things different places, I promise.)

A quick collection of the latest interviews on GENERATION HOPE, CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY, ASTONISHING X-MEN, and even some stuff about theater, comedy, and where the hell I came from!

Probably the most quickly comprehensive interview I’ve done is on Comic Vine.  And it’s on a website that runs its own comics wiki that I use RELIGIOUSLY!

A dedicated chat about ASTONISHING X-MEN #43 with Newsarama!  Hilariously, this was going to be part of a comprehensive interview, but the writer and I really got chatty – so they broke it up into a couple pieces 🙂  PS – Astonishing is OUT NOW!

Newsarama part 2: GENERATION HOPE!  More than any interview, this is where I talk about the thought process behind some of the scripts and choices.

Why read?  Watch and listen to a video interview!  We talk a bit more about how comedy and theater lead me into comics.

Believe it or not, I think there might still be some more stuff coming.

*   *   *   *   *

Also, CBR (ComicBookResources.com) gave my Astonishing X-Men issue 4/5 stars!  You can read it all here but the real take away is – YOU SHOULD BUY A COPY!  At your local comic book store 🙂

❤ You.


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SO I haven’t gotten around to posting (even though I wanted to put up some of the nice words said about the Namor Annual).   It struck me that this might make it seem like I have less going on – though it’s actually the opposite.

Some BIG NEWS (for me, anyways) will be coming out in the next few weeks.

In the meantime – I’m working on that, a commissioned project (that probably won’t be available to the public), two spec (film) scripts, teaching myself how to letter comics for an independent submission, and performing comedy again.

I’ll post the relevant and interesting stuff as it comes up.  In the meantime, I wanted to thank any and all the people who have popped by.

Please feel free to LEAVE COMMENTS!  Some have started to, but I’d love to know what brought you, and what were you hoping to find here?  — I’d be happy to put more of whatever that would be up on the site.

A sneak preview page from an independent comic I'll be pitching out in a few weeks. Art by REMUS BREZEANU

<—  In The Meantime

Check out handsome art for a comic I co-created with my buddy Jim Festante.  The art is by the awesome (and German!) illustrator Remus Brezeanu.


More Online Distractions!

— Check out the aforementioned Jim Festante hosting THE GAME SHOW (video games) on TheStream.TV

— Dig Remus’ art for web comic SOCIALFIST! – a riff on Socialist Superheroes 😀  I recommend starting at the link.

— And 180 degrees away from those things – the fantastic APPLE SISTERS (a modern WWII girl group) has a comedy podcast on Earwolf that’s already getting great traction.  I love them.  You should give it a try.

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Namor Annual #1 - part 3 of "Escape From the Negative Zone"

A preview page from Namor: First Mutant Annual #1 - pencils by Max Fiumara

WOW!  It’s been a busy couple months.   The most immediate news is that 2 of 3 chapters of ESCAPE FROM THE NEGATIVE ZONE are out – and people seem to be getting what I hoped they would from it!  If you haven’t yet, grab your copies of Uncanny X-Men Annual #3 and Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual #1 at your local comic shop.  And ask them to pre-order you a copy the finale – Namor: First Mutant Annual #1!  It features pencils by your new favorite artist, Max Fiumara (Four Eyes, Amazing Spider-Man).

Also, the CW just aired an episode I shot of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.  (Seriously.)   I was hired to be creepy and make the girls uncomfortable  as one of their challenges…which was easy.

 * * * * * 

If you really want to hear me go on about these, though – here are some INTERVIEWS

COMIC BOOK RESOURCES – has a preview of some art from the final chapter of Escape…!  And I field some follow-up questions with Dave Richards (who also did the first interview here.)

CHILL OUT, IT’S JUST A PODCAST – had me sit down (or rather, crawl into a BLANKET FORT!) for a TWO-PART chat about these comics.  Episode 13 is all about Escape From the Negative Zone (and some deeply nerdy diversions from there).  And in Episode 14 we shoot the shit about where I came from, as well as my appearance on ANTM.

BRIDGET CALLAHAN IS YOUR BEST FRIEND – My (best?) friend Bridget also interviewed me about the experience of being hired (through my improv comedy work) by America’s Next Top Model to mess with the girls in an episode (Cycle 16, Episode 6).

* * * * * 

And for those who might be interested in (or have been on the fence about) picking up my Marvel Comics annuals (Uncanny X-Men, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier, and Namor: First Mutant) – here are some REVIEWS that just-so-happen to insist you buy them!

WEEKLY COMIC BOOK REVIEW – “A fun, lively and jaunty story that had me laughing out loud in a few places coupled with some seriously badass art.  A- !”

COMIC BOOK RESOURCES – THE ‘BUY PILE’ – “Buy! …  All the elements here just worked, joining together perfectly while the plot rotated around Steve Rogers’ relentless military precision.  A great surprise.”

NEWSARAMA “Humor abounds in delightfully character-specific ways… An emblematic example of skill from relative newcomer Asmus.”

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Improv, Vegas, and Possible Violence

This WEDNESDAY, JULY 14th – I’ll be back in Las Vegas to perform yet again in the weekly Executive Monkeys improv comedy show at the Palms hotel & casino.   The guest this week is MMA (mixed martial arts) champ Randy “The Natural” Couture (UFC, The Expendables)!

Granted, two weeks ago the show had Shannon Elizabeth.  But they didn’t have me come out for that one.  It’s probably for the best.   Why risk ending up in a make-out scene with her when I can risk getting punched in the face by a guy who TKOs professional atheletes?

Executive Monkeys @ The Lounge
Palms Hotel & Casino
9:00 pm – $25

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Hi.  This’ll be fast & dirty so I can get back to meeting some exciting deadlines.

*  *  *

SUNDAY 13th @ 4pm – iO West – LA Improv Fest
a Writing For Comic Books workshop
2 hour crash course on writing for the comic book industry, based on my experience writing for Marvel Comics. $26.50 – 1/2 the proceeds go to LA Food Bank. — This is a much less expensive version of this workshop.  If you’re interested, it won’t get cheaper than this + it’s for a good cause.

*  *  *

MONDAY 14th @ 8pm – iO West
a James Asmus solo sketch comedy performance + ExMonk improv (the show I do in Las Vegas) speaking of which…

*  *  *


WEDNESDAY JULY 14 @ 8pm – The Lounge @ Palms Casino & Hotel

short & long-form improv comedy by some truly fantastic and hillarious comedians from NYC, LA, Chicago, & Las Vegas.  The show will be running JUNE 30 – JULY 28 on Wednesdays.   I will only be able to make the 14TH.

Hope to see you soon.

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To Whom(s) it May Concern,

LAST WEEKEND:      Thank you to any and all people in Las Vegas for a wonderful weekend and an incredible reception for our show at the Palms casino!    Specific thanks, actually to Emily Jillette and Matt Donelly for promoting improv in the desert, and for continuing to include me in its development.  And for the many people who have asked – Adam Savage (TV’s Mythbusters) is a great, chill, funny guy.   In addition to being a great interview guest, his (second time performing) stand-up was wonderfully engaging and funny.

 The cast of Matt Donnelly's Executive Monkeys (James up on the catwalk)

NEXT WEEKEND:    Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!  Go forth!  Read comics!!

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Now that we don’t live in the same city as eachother, Hey You Millionaires finally has a website! AND we’ve got a Twitter (if you’re into that sort of thing).
It’s not ghetto-@$$ tublr account, either.

HYM is my (award-winning) sketch comedy trio from Chicago with fellow ex-Clevelanders Jim Fath & John Bohan. The stuff’s good. So check it out.

**I should make the disclaimer up front that our comedy veers toward the dark end pretty often. So you know – NSFW, kids. **

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