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WOW – as you can see, things have been busy for me lately.  (There are many more things happening that I can’t even talk about yet, btw.)  But I almost forgot to sound the alarm that a NEW PLAY I CO-WROTE IS NOW PLAYING IN CHICAGO!

PSYCHONAUT LIBRARIANS is a trippy, pulpy, heartfelt comedy that I co-wrote with the award-winning New York playwright (and friend) CRYSTAL SKILLMAN!

The show was developed with director (and concept creator) Sean Kelly and with The New Colony.  We were invited to devise this one-act play version of the concept for COLLABORACTION‘s annual SKETCHBOOK festival.  It’s been a wonderful chance to experiment and play in creating a madcap piece of pop theater for the broad and energetic crowd that Collaboraction cultivates.

I had a blast working with this  incredible cast.  New Colony starts its process by letting the writers work through improv and character-exploration workshops with the actors.  And this crew was particularly hilarious and emotionally genuine.  I like to think that Crystal and I captured some of their best qualities and worked them into the piece.

Anyway – if you’re in Chicago (or will be) and you like theater (or you’re willing to give an un-stuffy set of new works a try) YOU SHOULD GO GET TICKETS FOR OUR SHOW!!


  • Tickets are really affordable, but there might be REALLY CHEAP tickets on GOLDSTAR.com
  • Crystal also has a full length play running in Chicago right now!  WILD! <- (that’s the name)
  • “Psychonaut” is a REAL WORD!
  • Crystal Skillman is the wife of fellow (awesome) comic book writer – FRED VAN LENTE!

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Chipping 10 more seconds away from my God*-given 15 minutes of fame this week.   This time, I’m snarking from home for the Rotten Tomatoes show on CurrentTV, current.com, Hulu, and where ever else they plant that thing.

So feel free to watch me question the judgement of the people behind the film LEGION.  Though, in fairness, my full review would have also mentioned things I loved.  Which amount to about 20 minutes.   The rest is boring.

I should at least mention that I really genuinely like The Rotten Tomatoes show.  It’s genuinely funny, and Bret is a really good guy.  So make a habit out of watching it.

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What will this ammount to?

We’ll see.  But no promises.  I’m pretty bad at keeping on top of anything without some very real deadlines.  AND I’m not exactly cer who my target audience is here, anyways.  I think, mostly, I’m trying to corrale the very disperate things I’m working on into a single catalogue without paying for a website.

That’s probably something of an insight right there.



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