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my wife!

PS - this is my wife ūüôā

I’m breaking with tradition. ¬† This post isn’t about promoting something.

I tend to only think to post here when I’m promoting something. ¬† But that’s probably because I think of this as my forum as a writer & performer. ¬†Then things like Facebook are for me ‘the human being’.

On that note, I have just recently started to get ‘friend requests’ from people I don’t actually know – but they know my work. ¬† My wife (that just happened, BTW) has really been pushing the idea that I shouldn’t friend those people, but rather direct them to this site or to follow my Twitter.

But I’ve been resisting the idea.

Before anyone gets the idea that she’s heartless, or selfish and just wants me for herself… She’s not. ¬†She’s actually giving to fault (special education teacher). ¬† Which is what makes me wonder if I’M wrong on this.

But so far – I don’t think I am. ¬†I’m an obscure writer within two already obscure fields (comics & theater). ¬† Only a handful of people have wanted to contact me. ¬†And unless (until?) I become someone like Grant Morrison or David¬†Mamet, I don’t think the few people who want to¬†dialog¬†with me are really gonna cramp my style. ¬†And I still feel nothing but gratitude for their interest. ¬†I certainly don’t want to drive them away, even if it is in the form of ‘redirecting’ them to a less personal avenue.

Plus I’m still 95% certain that people aren’t reading this site. ¬† (Not that I’ve promoted it. ¬†Ever.)

Time will tell. ¬†And if I do need to restructure my social networking, hopefully it will coincide with the implosion of the F-site-that-doesn’t-need-anymore-name-presence.


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What will this ammount to?

We’ll see.¬† But no promises.¬† I’m pretty bad at keeping on top of anything without some very real deadlines.¬† AND I’m not exactly cer who my target audience is here, anyways.¬† I think, mostly, I’m trying to corrale the very disperate things I’m working on into a single catalogue without paying for a website.

That’s probably something of an insight right there.



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