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Hi.  This’ll be fast & dirty so I can get back to meeting some exciting deadlines.

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SUNDAY 13th @ 4pm – iO West – LA Improv Fest
a Writing For Comic Books workshop
2 hour crash course on writing for the comic book industry, based on my experience writing for Marvel Comics. $26.50 – 1/2 the proceeds go to LA Food Bank. — This is a much less expensive version of this workshop.  If you’re interested, it won’t get cheaper than this + it’s for a good cause.

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MONDAY 14th @ 8pm – iO West
a James Asmus solo sketch comedy performance + ExMonk improv (the show I do in Las Vegas) speaking of which…

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WEDNESDAY JULY 14 @ 8pm – The Lounge @ Palms Casino & Hotel

short & long-form improv comedy by some truly fantastic and hillarious comedians from NYC, LA, Chicago, & Las Vegas.  The show will be running JUNE 30 – JULY 28 on Wednesdays.   I will only be able to make the 14TH.

Hope to see you soon.


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Hey, friends –

  Over at OptimumWound, you’ve got a wonderfully completist list of comic book publishers and notes on what type of submissions they take (if any).  THey even break it down by category of what material they primarily publish.  Check it out.

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Hey LA people,

I will be leading an intensive at iO West theater on writing for comics.  The class will be this Sunday and next, noon to 3pm, and will cover everything from structural basics to the business end of publishing.  If you or anyone you know is interested, I really do try to give you everything you need to get up and running.  The first two sessions I taught in Chicago were extremely well recieved, and I’m starting to see really strong finished products from they guys who came through it.

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